Title: Boomz Asian Cup 2012-Kuantan & Seremban Station Winner List
Date: 2012-03-05

Dear Boomz players,

The Boomz Asian Cup 2012: Malaysia Qualifying Match for Kuantan and Seremban which held on 3 & 4 March 2012 had been successfully concluded! Congratulation to the teams as per below for winning qualification to Boomz Asian Cup 2012-Malaysia Final Match:

Team 1:
Karipap RavenLerouxΩ
Karipap GodetsuΩ

Team 2:
弹弹三堂 ღ不像話乄小进ღ
弹弹三堂 XiiaoJUL

Team 1:
Karipap ♑Valkrie◉Sky✘
Karipap Animation

Team 2:
弹弹四堂 LoVe雪莉
弹弹四堂 LoVe妙慧

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Thank you.

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